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About Us


Behold 90% Sucess Records

Back in 2007 at the boom of the SEO industry, the COD Media was founded. Since then we have gone through in many algorithmic evaluations of Google. But during all these years we became capable to hold a 90% success record in all terms of services related to SEO, SMO, Web Design and Web and Apps Developments offered by us.



We are serving Search Engine Optimization services since 2007. It has been 8 years now and we have earned quite a bit reputation by offering organic SEO services to global clients. Below you will find the button to check the complete SEO services.


Almost at the same time, which means from the beginning of our company, we started offering Social media Marketing services to global clients. Till now we have established us a company which offers both Social media marketing and Optimization services.

Web Design

We started web design services in early 2008. It is obviously being an SEO company you need to have a web design team. It has been 7 years now and we have a strong and professional team of web designers who are able to design your website on any framework. Please use the button below for more.

Web Development

We understand it that a website is incomplete without web development. And at the same time of designing, we built a professional and experienced development team to offer web development services to the global clients. Glimpse them by clicking on the button below.

App Development

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Logo Design

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For any of the above services


Transparent, Friendly & Dedicated Support

We offer 100% transparency in our conduct with the clients. We, at COD Media, give you the assurances of a friendly and cent per cent dedicated 24X7 customer support.

Ethical & Professional Project Management

An Ethical and Professional approach to the projects on your online presence is guaranteed by us. Our well-organized setup and project managers will surely support you to go forward.

Long Term Client Retention

A success rate of 90% is showing how we respond to our clients. We love to retain a good and professional relationship with our clients for a long time by means of highly commendable services.

Measurable Results – Guaranteed ROI

COD Media offers advanced periodic progress updates with an assurance and guarantee the return on investment (ROI) that will be evaluated by you effortlessly.



The Name "COD Media" refers to a connection between Brand, Internet and Citizen. We offer full-service internet marketing to create a brand on the internet.

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